Stressless Oral is a solution composed of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Both water and fat soluble vitamins have their own specific function. Overall, these vitamins are important for carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, growth, reproduction, immune response and can also serve as antioxidants.

Amino acids are, besides their role as building blocks of proteins, involved in metabolic pathways that are important for basic body functions, growth, immunity and reproduction.

Minerals are essential for the proper operation of many physiological functions, but are also involved in, for instance, bone formation, growth, immune function and egg shell formation.

Stressless Oral is important for

  • optimal egg and meat quality,

  • muscle growth,

  • milk production,

  • is recommended for animals in high demanding-production stages,

  • supports the animal during stress.

Stressless Oral is used for prevention or treatment of stress (caused by vaccination, diseases, transport, high humidity, high temperatures or extreme temperature changes).

DOSAGE (for oral administration)
Calves, goats and sheep: 1 ml per 20 kg body weight for 3-5 days.
Cattle: 1 ml per 40 kg body weight for 3-5 days.
Poultry and swine: 1 liter per 2000 liter drinking water for 3-5 days.

Stressless Oral, 1L

Vitamins and minerals, for oral administration.
(contains per 1 ml)
Vitamin A, retinol palmitate 12 000 IU
Vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol acetate 3.25 mg
Vitamin B1, thiamine hydrochloride 2.0 mg
Vitamin B6, pyridoxine hydrochloride 1.25 mg
Vitamin C, ascorbic acid 3.50 mg
Vitamin K3 1.0 mg
D-panthenol 4.0 mg
Biotin 150 μg
Folic acid 0.25 mg
Alanine 1 mg
Arginine 0.5 mg
Aspartic acid 0.55 mg
Cysteine 10 µg
Glutamic acid 1.1 mg
Glycine 2.70 mg
Histidine 80 µg
Isoleucine 90 µg
Leucine 0.32 mg
Lysine 0.45 mg
Methionine 80 µg
Phenylalanine 0.20 mg
Proline 1.65 mg
Serine 0.10 mg
Threonine 90 µg
Thyrosine 60 µg
Tryptophane 20 µg
Valine 0.26 mg
Calcium 60 µg
Sodium 60 µg
Iron 0.275 µg
Copper 0.033 µg
Potassium 0.85 µg
Zinc 0.10 µg
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